Simply put, we look after your public image. We speak to the media on your behalf and craft stories that will connect you with your fans and potential sponsors. 

We will use your off the field influence on Social Media to attract relevant partners. 


We would like to make you more marketable by improving your brand image through managing your Social Media accounts.


The goal is to align our clients with brands that are beneficial to their lifestyle, interests and their personal brand. We aim to ensure the development of a long-term and prosperous relationship.



We will take advantage of the association with the football club and make use of offline channels, facilities to promote your brand to football fans. 


We connect and manage the relationship between corporate companies and football clubs. We also make sure that players and corporate partners have lucrative relationships which are beneficial to both parties. 

social media marketing

We’ll be responsible for creating and populating your social media content calendar, creating images, taking bespoke photographs, creating videos, writing captions, and curating industry-related content.


We’ll monitor relevant football hashtags on a daily basis to maintain brand integrity.


Each day, we’ll monitor your social  media accounts and respond to comments. We’ll also share  relevant content from users in the football community. 


We’ll create promotional campaigns for your products and/or services as well as keep tabs open for opportunities to increase engagement when the team is playing